• In today's "spiritual supermarket," are you a savvy, informed shopper?

People engaged in a spiritual search often conduct it in a limited fashion, largely unaware of the immense variety of living religions and spiritual paths that exist. Many simply lack a clear sense of what the broad range of the global religious and spiritual "landscape" really looks like, or are otherwise inadequately informed as to the full spectrum of faiths and practices available to them.

Basic knowledge of comparative religion and global spiritualities is seldom part of most people's education these days. The result is that a lot of intelligent and otherwise highly informed folks go through life with a very limited (if not also somewhat distorted) understanding of all the religious options and spiritual choices open to them; they need a "bird's eye-view" of religion in a nutshell.

Over the course of two sessions (each session running two hours in length, for a grand total of four hours of instruction), this short course/seminar presents a clear and unbiased, concise yet comprehensive introductory overview of the global "Big Picture" of religion and spirituality -- an essential orientation to the major religious traditions and spiritual pathways. By painting a broad yet detailed picture of what the worldwide "religious landscape" actually looks like, seekers will emerge with a solid foundation and a "road map" to help guide their further personal exploration.

Come and "get up to speed" quickly on the core basics of the world's religions by exploring the origins, scriptures, history, beliefs, practices, and institutions of Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and more! Discover their shared commonalities and their unique differences. Learn fascinating insights about the very nature of religion, from fundamentalism to mysticism!

The first two-hour session covers Eastern religions; the second two-hour session covers Western religions. Sessions may be scheduled at your convenience, to fit your group's needs (on Saturday and Sunday for a weekend program, or on any two consecutive weekdays, or spread out over the course of two weeks [e.g., on two Tuesday evenings, for example].)

Reed Hall is an adjunct instructor in world religions for Colorado Community Colleges Online who supports spiritual diversity and religious pluralism, and who seeks to make basic "global religious literacy" affordable and available to all (beyond college classrooms). For more information, or to arrange classes structured to fit your needs at your location, send an email to

  • Become an "informed consumer" in the metaphysical marketplace of ideas!


*(or in two weekday sessions -- whatever works!)